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    Start of the research project

    On 01.06.2022 starts the research project of Benito van der Zander. The project has already been funded by the german research. The project is titled: "Efficient Identification of causal effects" and concerns investigations in causality-a subfield of Artificial Intelligence.

    Paper accepted

    The paper with the title "A New Constructive Criterion for Markov Equivalence of MAGs" was accepted at UAI 2022. The authors are: Marcel Wienöbst, Max Bannach and Maciej Liskiewcz.

    Die Konferenz findet vom 01.08.-05.08.2022 in Eindhoven statt.The conference will take place from 01.08.-05.08.2022 in Einhoven. More informationshere

    Guest lecture by Dr. Kim-Manuel Klein, representing professor at the University Bremen

    On 10th May 2022 at 4 p.m.,Seminar room ITCS2021

    The title is: "On the Fine-Grained Complexity of the Unbounded SubsetSum and the Frobenius Problem"

    Baltic Olympiad in Informatiks 2022 finished -Silver for Germany

    This year the baltic olympics in computer science took place at the university of Lübeck. 67 computer science talents from europe including participants from israel and ukraine came together from 28.04.-03.05.2022. The german team won one silver medal and two bronze medals.

    All Info´s here

    Paper accepted

    The paper with the title "Dynamic Kernels for Hitting Sets and Set Packing" has been accepted and will be published in the Spinger-Journal Alogrithmica. Authors are: Till Tantau, Rüdiger Reischuk, Max Bannach and Zachrias Heinrich.

    Baltic Olympiad in Informatics 2022


    The BOI 2022 will take place this year at the Uni Lübeck in prensence. 60 pupils from countries around the baltic sea are expected.

    More informationshere

    37th International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection - IFIP SEC 2022

    13-17 June 2022

    Maciej Liskiewcz is member of the program committee.


    Top Reviewer for AISTATS 2022

    Maciej Liskiewcz has been selected as a "Top Reviewer" for 25th International Conference on International Conference Artificial Intelligence and Statistics AISTATS 2022. Congratulations! The List has been made publicly available here

    Research Foundation from DFG approved

    The German Research Foundation (DFG) has just approved the research project on Benito van der Zander. Congratulations! The project on "Efficient identification of causal effects" is planned for 36 months and concerns investigations in causality - a subfield of Artificial Intelligence.

    A successful wintercontest 2022

    On january 29th 15 teams of the university of Lübeck participated in the wintercontest 2022 This is a nationwide programming competition for students. The first team from Lübeck archieved the 19th place with 7 solved places. We congratulate all teams on their placements.results All interested are invited to the regular training sessions offfered by our institute.Contact: Marcel Wienöbst

    Paper accepted on AISTATS 2022


    Das Paper mit dem Titel "Identification in Tree-shaped Linear Structural Causal Modles" wurde auf der Konferenz AISTATS 2022 angenommen. Autoren sind: Benito van der Zander, Marcel Wienöbst, Markus Bläser und Maciej Liskiewicz. The paper with the title "Identification in Tree-shaped Linear Structural Causal Modles" has been accepted on the conference AISTATS 2022. Authors are: Benito van der Zander, Marcel Wienöbst, Markus Bläser and Maciej Liskiwicz. more informations:Link

    Registration for the Wintercontest 2022!


    On Saturday, 29th January 2022, a programming contest consisting of mathematical and algorithmical challenges will be held from 11:00 to 16:00. Students from Uni Lübeck can register in teams of three under the following Link. In case of questions please contact Marcel Wienöbst wienoebst@tcs.uni-luebeck.de .

    Award to Dr. Max Bannach with the Bernd-Fischer-Price


    Gratulation for Dr. Max Bannach, he has received for his dissertation "Parallel Parameterized Algorithms" the Bernd-Fischer-award" 2020, the promotions-award at the section Informatics and technical. Laudation beld by Till Tantau.

    award ceremony picture with the president Prof. Dr. med. Gabriele Gillessen-Kaesbach and Dr. Max Bannach

    Programming Contest with Students from Uni Lübeck

    Three teams of students from Uni Lübeck have successfully taken part at the international programming contest NWERC and reached the places 84, 92 and 113 having solved three and two problems, respectively. Link The next contest will take place at the 29th of January. Anyone interested is invited to write an E-Mail to Marcel Wienöbst wienoebst@tcs.uni-luebeck.de or Prof. Liskiewcz liskiewi@tcs.uni-luebeck.de

    Article from Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Reischuk in the Journal Theoretical Computer Science

    issue 21th November 2021, Volume 893

    Title: The Kangaroo Problem


    Guest lecture by Florian Chudigiewitsch, M.Sc., degree at the Leibnitz University Hannover

    On October 19,2021 at 4 p.m.,Seminar room ITCS2021

    The topic is:"Computational Complexity of Deciding Provability in Linear Logic and Its Fragments"



    For all pupils! The festival offers in an extensive with workshops and insights into new technologies in computer science. It offers the opportunity for people to try out and participate.

    registration and program

    44th KI 2021-German Conference on Artificial Intelligence



    Two papers from Lübeck were accepted at the 44th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence: The full paper "An Approach to Reduce the Number of Conditional Independence Tests in the PC Algorithm" by Marcel Wienöbst and Maciej Liskiewicz as well as the extended abstract "Recent Advances in Counting and Sampling Markov Equivalent DAGs by Marcel Wienöbst, Max Bannach and Maciej Liskiewicz.

    CHES 2021: the annual Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems



    Paper on CHES 2021 accepted

    The paper "A White-Box Masking Scheme Resisiting Computational and Algebraic Attacks" by Maciej Liskiewicz joint with Okan Seker and Thomas Eisenbarth (ITS) has been accepted for CHES 2021 conference.


    INFOS 2021 - 19th Symposium of the Expert Committee on Computer Education in Schools of the German Informatics Society


    Organizer is the Bergische University Wuppertal. The meeting will take place as a virtuel conference.

    To the Website

    37th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence


    Maciej Liskiewicz, Marcel Wienöbst and Benito van der Zander are members of the program committee.

    Paper accepted: The paper "Extendability of Causal Graphical Models: Algorithms and Computational Complexity" by Marcel Wienöbst, Max Bannach and Maciej Liskiewicz has been accepted for presentation at the UAI 2021 conference as Best Student Paper.


    Paper submitted to the conference SECRYPT 2021


    More informations to the conference Link

    Deadline for submissions Journal "Algorithms"


    Maciej Liskiewicz and Ralf Möller (IFIS) are the guest editors of the special issue


    Great turnout at Uni Lübeck

    We congratulate the nine teams from Uni Lübeck which successfully participated at the GCPC 2021 programming contest.

    The best team from Lübeck reached the 21. place with six solved problems.


    36th International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection-IFIP SEC 2021


    Maciej Liskiewicz is member of the program committee. Link

    Prof. Dr. Till Tantau again receives the teaching award "Heliprof 2021"

    The Pize is awarded annually by the student councils for Mathematics and Computer Science and for Applied Natural Sciences and Technology at the University of Lübeck, for the best teaching.

    Baltic Olympiad in Informatics 2021 finished

    The BOI 2021 was held from April 23th, to April,26th. On two days, pupils from countries around the balatic sea and from guest countries Israel and Ukraine participated in a tough programming contest. The overall winner ist Almog Wald from Israel-we congratulate both him as well as the whole German team, which was awarded two bronze medals.

    Website BOI 2021 results BOI 2021

    NWERC 2020 Virtual Programming Contest at Uni Lübeck


    Three Teams from Uni Lübeck have successfully participated in the NWERC 2020 programming contest. They reached places 71, 74 and 102 teams in total.


    Successful Dagstuhl Seminar and online


    This is normally a contradiction since Dagstuhl seminars are all about people meeting in a remote location to do research together without distractions.

    This seminar was held online nevertheless-and it was quite successful. Keys to this were shot, intensive working periods followed by a social programme that transferred some

    of the cherished traditions of Dagstuhl seminars- like the hike or the wine and cheese party-to the online world.

    Guest lecture by Prof. Stefan Dziembowski, Insitute of Informatics, University of Warsaw, Poland

    On March 16,2021 at 3 p.m.

    The topic is: Lower Bounds for Off-Chain Protocol: Exploring the Limits of Plasma

    Join Cisco Webex meeting Link

    The paper that appeared at the 12th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference (ITCS 2021) is available at, see Link. Link

    A new version of FoSSaCS2021-Paper submitted

    The Paper "Work-sensitive Dynamic Complexity of Formal Languages", to Till Tantau, Jonas Schmidt, Thomas Schwentick, Nils Vortmeier and Thomas Zeume was submitted via FoSSaCS2021. Link

    Nominated for GI-Dissertation Award

    The section Informatics/Technology at the University of Lübeck nominated the PhD-Thesis of Benito van der Zander titled "Algorithmics of Identifying Causal Effects in Graphical Models" for the GI-Dissertation Award 2020. Link

    Award for Paper received


    The paper of Marcel Wienöbst, Max Bannach and Maciej Liskiewcz "Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Counting and Sampling Markov Equivalent DAGs" was awarded as Distinguished Paper by AAAI 2021 conferences that is widely considered as one of the most prestigious conferences in the field Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Link

    35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence


    Maciej Liskiewicz and Benito van der Zander are members of the program committee. Link

    Paper accepted: The Paper "Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Counting and Sampling Markov Equivalent DAGs"

    to Marcel Wienöbst, Max Bannach and Maciej Liskiewicz has been accepted for presentation at the Conference on 2nd February. Link

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