50 Jahre Uni Lübeck

Prof. Dr. Till Tantau


Statement for the EATCS Council Vote

Foto von Till Tantau My interests regarding TCS lie in complexity theory, specifically descriptive complexity theory and circuit complexity, parameterized complexity theory, and the combination of all of these subjects. My interests regarding EATCS lie in three fields: First and foremost, I believe that ICALP – together with closely related conferences like ESA or MFCS – must remain one of the top international conferences for TCS and EATCS should focus on continuing to ensure this. Second, I believe that EATCS should play a role in the unfolding introduction of digital literacy into curricular of universities and schools in Europe: As theoreticians, we should be an integral part of the discussion what digital literacy encompasses and how it should be taught. Third, as a someone with a keen interest in digital typography, specifically TeX and also web-based digital publishing, I would like to contribute to EATCS's strategy regarding digital journals and open access.