50 years Univerity of Lübeck

Institute for Theoretical Computer Science

Events 2006

  • Linux Business Day

    December 12th, 2006, Mediadocks, Lübeck

    Hier are some impressions of the Linux day in Lübeck.

  • Lübeck Computer Science Fair

    September 2nd, 2006, Rathausplatz, Lübeck

    On Lübeck's market place there will be special computer science event. 2007 is the year of informatics.

  • Talk by Hans-Ulrich Simon

    „Charakterisation of strong lernability in the SQ-model“

    December 8th, 2006, 2pm ct, ITCS seminar room 2021, Building 64, 2nd floor

    Prof. Hans U. Simon from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum will give a talk in our advanced seminat. His talk will be given in German.

  • Talk by Miroslaw Kutylowski

    „Scheduling Communication in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks“

    September 18th, 2006, 5pm ct, ITCS seminar room 2021, Building 64, 2nd floor

    Prof. Miroslaw Kutylowski, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Technical University Wroclaw, Poland, will give a talk in English.

    We consider wireless networks with dynamically changing set of units. For these networks, capacity of communication channel is very limited, so wasting communication time should be minimized. This is difficult since it is generally unpredictable which units will demand communication channel for broadcasting data. The network might be be composed from units of unrelated users, with no central control and rapidly evolving behavior. Therefore the techniques developed for wired distributed systems are not suited for such networks.

    We consider protocols allocating communication channel to units of an ad hoc network that have to send data. We propose slight changes in the protocols used so far and reduce significantly communication overhead due to coordination of the senders. Apart from experimental data, we develop tools for mathematical analysis of performance of these algorithms.

    This is a joint work with Jacek Cichon, Marcin Zawada, presented at ALGOSENSORS 2006 and ADHOC-NOW 2006.