50 years Univerity of Lübeck

Dr. Max Bannach



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Supervised Theses

Thesis Title State
Design and Implementation of Edge Routing Algorithms in TikZ finished
Algorithmic Automata Drawing finished
Algorithmic drawing of planar graphs with TikZ finished
Semantic Web Technology in the Study of Proteins finished
Possibilities and Limitations of Parallel Kernel Computation finished
Implementation and Analysis of Parallel Vertex-Cover Kernelizations finished
Constructing Solutions For Unary Subset Sum and Similar Problems in TC0 finished
Dynamic Computation of Vertex-Cover Kernels finished
Description of Parameterized Problems in First-Order Logic with Arithmetic Operators finished
Towards the fixed-parameter-tractability of model-checking for a bounded, universal fragment of first-order logic finished
Accelerate Dynamic Programs on Tree Decompositions with Binary Decision Diagrams finished
Development of a Treewidth Guided MaxSAT-Solver finished
Parallel Data Reduction for the Odd Cycle Transversal Problem finished
Algorithms on Graphs of Low Twinwidth in progress
Treewidth-aware Reductions in progress
Analysis of a Parallel Semisort Algorithm in progress
Flow-based Treewidth Heuristics open
Implementing an Exact Treewidth Algorithm open
Implementing a MaxSAT-Preprocessor open
Design of a Backdoor-based SAT-Solver open
Treewidth-guided MaxSAT Heuristics open