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Research Projects

Projects Funded by Research Grants

The following projects are or were funded by third-party research grants. Please click on one of the projects for details.

Project Leader Duration Funding by
Causality: an algorithmic framework and a computational complexity perspective Liskiewicz 2018 –  DFG
Causality: an algorithmic framework and a computational complexity perspective Liskiewicz 2016 – 2018 DFG
Complexity of Haplotyping Problems Tantau 2005 – 2009 DFG
Information Hiding: Complexity-theoretic Modelling and Analysis Reischuk, Liskiewicz 2005 – 2009 DFG
Robust Inference and Compression Reischuk 2004 – 2007 DFG
Average-case and Precision Complexity Reischuk 2004 – 2006 DFG
Parallel Computing Reischuk 2002 – 2004 HBFG Grant
Data Mining Tutor Zeugmann 2001 – 2003 BMBD-Project DaMiT
Average-Case Analysis of Learning Problems Zeugmann 1997 JSPS
Robust Basic Routines for Efficient Parallel Processing Reischuk 1993 – 1998 DFG
Clock Synchronization Reischuk 1993 – 1996 IBM Research
Highly Available Services for Scalable Distributed Systems Reischuk 1993 – 1995 GIF


Title Doctoral Candidate Year Advisor Reviewer
Martin R. Schuster 2018 Maciej Liskiewicz Klaus Jansen
Sebastian Berndt 2018 Maciej Liskiewicz Matthias Krause, Rainer Böhme
Christoph Stockhusen 2017 Till Tantau Heribert Vollmer
Oliver Witt 2016 Rüdiger Reischuk Andreas Brandstädt
Michael Elberfeld 2012 Till Tantau Heribert Vollmer, Rolf Niedermeier
Johannes Textor 2011 Rüdiger Reischuk Jürgen Westermann, Jon Timmis
Christian Hundt 2011 Maciej Liskiewicz Marek Karpinski, Wojciech Rytter
Ulrich Wölfel 2011 Maciej Liskiewicz Matthias Krause
Markus Hinkelmann 2011 Andreas Jakoby Andreas Brandstädt, Alfred Mertins
Frank Balbach 2007 Thomas Zeugmann Rüdiger Reischuk, Frank Stephan
Jan Arpe 2006 Rüdiger Reischuk Hans-Ulrich Simon, Georg Schnitger
Bodo Manthey 2005 Rüdiger Reischuk Kurt Mehlhorn, Heribert Vollmer
Martin Zinner 2005 Rüdiger Reischuk Stefan Fischer