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Institute for Theoretical Computer Science


Welcome to the institute of theoretical computer science at the University of Lübeck.

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The staff of our institute consists of three professors, Rüdiger Reischuk, Till Tantau and Maciej Liskiewicz , research assistants, a technician, students – and when you visit us, you will receive a warm welcome by our secretary Elisa Merkel-Weißer.

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Research at the Institute

We are interested in faster and more economic ways of solving problem using intelligent software rather than ever-more-powerful hardware. Our focus is on algorithms and complexity as well as applications in cryptology, steganography, bioinforamtics or quantum informatics. Students participate actively in our research as they write their bachelor, master, and diploma theses.

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Teaching at the Insitute

Each semester around ten courses are taught by the institute staff, both introductory courses of the bachelor curriculum as well as advanced master courses. Each semester we offer positions to students who like to work as tutors.

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