50 years Univerity of Lübeck

M.Sc. Katharina Dannenberg


Research Interests



  • Katharina Dannenberg, Jesper Jansson, Andrzej Lingas, Eva-Marta Lundell:
    The Approximability of Maximum Rooted Triplets Consistency with Fan Triplets and Forbidden Triplets.
    Discrete Applied Mathematics, 257:101-114, 2019.
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  • Katharina Dannenberg:
    On the Complexity of Constructing Phylogenetic Trees from Rooted Triplets.
    Universität zu Lübeck, Institut für Theoretische Informatik, 2016.
    Supervised by: Maciej Liskiewicz, Ralf Möller.


  • Johannes Textor, Katharina Dannenberg, Maciej Liskiewicz:
    A Generic Finite Automata Based Approach to Implementing Lymphocyte Repertoire Models.
    In Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (GECCO'14), pp. 129-136. ACM Press, 2014.
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  • Katharina Dannenberg:
    Fast Algorithms for Immune Response Simulations in Models with r-Contiguous-Based Affinity Measures.
    Universität zu Lübeck, Institut für Theoretische Informatik, 2013.
    Supervised by: Maciej Liskiewicz, Amir Madany Mamlouk.