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Prof. Dr. Till Tantau

Courses and Lecture Notes


Lecture Notes for Download

Lecture notes are available for all courses taught by me. The latest version is available to the participants inside the university's Moodle, but for anyone interested I have compiled not-quite-up-to-date versions of the lecture notes.

I hereby make these texts available for download, for redistribution, and for non-commercial general use. However, the copyright remains with me, which essentially means that when you copy only parts of the texts or otherwise use them, kindly cite the original and if, in the future, at some point I wish to turn these texts into books, you cannot claim a copyright infringement by saying that you were the first to publish part of my texts (sounds, sensible, I hope).

Held Courses

For an overview of the courses taught by Till Tantau at the Unversity of Lübeck, please see the UnivIS.

Teaching at the Technical University Berlin